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About Manan Monga

I am a Master's Graduate in Computer Science at Boston University specializing in Cybersecurity who loves solving problems centred around privacy and security using software engineering and cryptography as my tools.
My goal is to be part of teams that tackle issues with blockchain, finance, and personal data privacy. I want to be in an environment where my mentors are my teammates and my teammates are my mentors.

I currently work as a Cloud Security Engineer at Securonix as part of the Analytics team. We work on looking at frequent issues that our clients face while using the product and how we can reduce the occurrence of such issues using automation tools and improving our SaaS offering.

I love to feed my curiosity with projects such as those featured in my resume and in my free time, I like to play soccer, cook from Gordon Ramsay's YouTube videos, and tell people that Manchester City is the best team in the land and all the world.

I have built CryptoPiazza to create an information exchange platform to talk about cryptography, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized finance.

People can post blogs on these topics and in-depth discussions are encouraged in the comments. Questions and Answers are a separate feature and also encourages people to be inquisitive and delve deeper into a topic that has been in the news a lot but is not fully understood by many.

Cryptocurrencies have also caught the imagination of the general public in recent years because of their lucrative returns on people holding tokens, even for just speculation. I have incorporated an exchanges feature that has the latest USD value and the market cap of some of the most popular currencies in the market currently. Some of the features of the app are:

Only registered users can post blogs and ask questions
Logins are secured via bcrypt
Answers and comments can be made anonymously
Users can request for crypto tokens to be added to the live exchange
Usernames are unique
Some features I hope to add soon are:
Better populated landing page
Captcha to prevent DoS attacks and spam posting
Twitter feed of latest crypto news on home page
This application is live at
Signing up and logging in is necessary to post blogs and ask questions!

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